Rules of Conduct



The Lewiston-Auburn Transit Committee (LATC) is committed to the security and safety of the traveling public and its transit employees on its citylink and ADA Complementary Paratransit systems.

A standard of conduct is expected from every citylink patron, whether on a fixed route citylink bus or ADA Complementary Paratransit, at a bus station or bus stop or on LATC properties. Any time inappropriate behavior is exhibited on the bus or transit properties, the individual(s) may lose the privilege of using the citylink system. Safety and security are everyone’s responsibility, and LATC encourages anyone who observes inappropriate behavior in or around transit vehicles or facilities to report it to citylink. Patrons who violate these policies may lose riding privileges. All individuals must cooperate with any citylink official or police officer.


Notice: It is not the role of the bus operator to respond to medical or confrontational situations. They will call emergency responders for appropriate attention to the issue. The role of the bus operator is to safely monitor the bus. Please take the time to report anything unusual or unsatisfactory to the bus operator.

Customer Communication: any customer comments can be made by calling citylink Customer Service at (207) 777-4563, emailing us at, or by writing to citylink, c/o WMTS, 67 Merrow Road, Auburn, ME 04210.

Proper fare or valid pass.Everyone boarding the bus, fixed route or ADA, is required to have a pass or fare in his or her possession. For discounted fares/passes, customers will be required to show identification.
Seating and safety.Upon boarding the bus, please be seated as soon as possible, and always use handrails when walking to and from your seat.
Shirt and shoes required.Riders without shirts or shoes will be refused service.
Riders must comply with Federal, State and LATC directives that may be issued in response to public health or safety emergencies.

Riders may be required to wear approved face coverings, respect social distancing measures, or any other temporary or long term Federal, State and/or LATC directives in effect at the time of boarding.

Do not distract bus operator.Riders shall not interfere in any way with the citylink bus operations, and stay behind the yellow line. Individuals must cooperate with any citylink official or police officer.
No smoking, drugs, alcohol, or dangerous materials.
Use of tobacco products (and e-cigarettes), drugs, alcohol is not allowed on citylink buses, bus stops, and shelters. Dangerous substances, unauthorized weapons, flammable liquid, explosive materials are not allowed on citylink property.
Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.This may include but is not limited to the following: using profane or offensive language, loud music, chanting or singing, racial slurs or displaying racist or gang-related behaviors, pushing others or “breaking the line” to gain access to any citylink vehicle or treating passengers or the bus operator without courtesy.

Keep your tech to yourself.

Be courteous when using technology. Use headphones when listening to music, and do not have your phone conversations on speaker phone. 
No eating or uncovered drinks.

Drink containers with sealed lids are allowed remember to take the container with you.
No loitering at bus stops or bus stations.

Loitering, sleeping, camping or storing personal property on benches, floors or grounds of any LATC/citylink property is not allowed. Riding skateboards is prohibited on LATC/citylink property.

Take personal items with you when you exit the bus.

Riders are responsible for taking all personal possessions, packages, etc. with them when they arrive at their destination.

Keep the bus clean and safe for all.

Use of seats as footstools is not allowed on all citylink vehicles. All personal belongings must be kept out of the aisles and off the passenger seats. Carry-on items (such as back-packs, handcarts, etc.) must be stored in one’s own seating area.

No private business sales.

Displays or set up of any food, clothing, or other sales of materials or products cannot be conducted on citylink property without the written consent of LATC.

Oversized items.

Passengers without disabilities traveling with large items, must position their items so they are out of the aisle. If you board the bus with a stroller, please remove the child from the stroller and make sure the stroller is folded and out of the aisle.

Service animals.

Licensed service animals are allowed and must be kept under control at all times. Pets must be in an animal transfer carrier.

Policy Updated 5-12-2022


Lewiston-Auburn Transit